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Sleep Relax Dorma-dri Water Resistant Single Mattress

The Dorma-Dri single mattress is manufactured in the UK by Sleep Relax and is a dual-sided mattress that features a micro quilted damask cover on one side and a water resistant panel on the opposite side.
Breathable, sterile and silent to sleep on, the mattress is designed to solve the common problems of bed wetting or incontinence, making it ideal for both young children and the elderly.
The Dorma-Dri mattress also benefits from the use of hypo-allergenic fillings that create an ideal sleeping environment for allergy sufferers or asthmatics.
At the core of the mattress is a strong open coil interior that consists of hourglass shaped springs, set in rows running from head to toe and connected into one single unit by a spiral wire, known as a helical wire.
To provide edge to edge support across its width, a thick rod-edge wire is attached around the perimeter of the spring unit. This prevents border breakdown and ensures the mattress retains its shape throughout its lifespan.
The Dorma-Dri single size mattress is water resistant, but not waterproof due to its quilted border and opposite panel.

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